Trailhead Go: A new way to learn Salesforce on the Go

Salesforce yesterday launched a redesigned Salesforce Mobile App, and a learning app called Trailhead GO with exclusive features to Apple's iOS and iPadOS.

The Apple-Salesforce effort, which was yesterday annonced at Dreamforce, is making a boom in the CRM world. 

With that said, they expanded the collaboration with Apple

Trailhead Go provides access to more than 700 learning modules that cover subjects such as how to integrate any application with Salesforce. Additionally, the iPad version has a some more features on top of that, including a split-screen mode which enables users to have another app open at the same time.

Salesforce - Blaze your trail

Credit: Salesforce

Another big iOS-related update Salesforce released yesterday puts the emphasis on artificial intelligence. With that said, users of the Salesforce Mobile App, now have access to a built-in voice assistant that will save them time on common tasks.

Einstein Voice Assistant

With Einstein Voice Assistant users can:

                • Take notes
                • Jump to specific sections of the app interface
                • Fetch documents, and
                • Save new customer information that workers dictate via their phone’s microphone.

In Addition, Salesforce’s engineers built out a couple more iOS-specific conveniences, too.

According to a statement said by Dan McCall, a Salesforce's vice president of product management yesterday. The Salesforce Mobile will run natively on iOS with support for Siri shortcuts for navigating to things like contacts and opportunities. Additional support for Face ID makes it easier and more secure to reach the app.

Photo Credit: Salesforce

The company’s strategy for the Apple universe focuses on two separate user groups:

  • Workers who access its services from their iPhones and iPads, which is the audience that  the new app updates target.
  • Developers who are building Salesforce integrated mobile services.

Salesforce hopes to boost this group with a new version of its Mobile SDK. That will feature support for Apple’s Dark Mode feature and SwiftUI plus unspecified iPadOS optimizations.

Last but not least, Trailhead Go and the AI-infused Salesforce Mobile App are available today. The Mobile SDK enhancements will start rolling out later this year.

Photo Credit: Salesforce

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