10 Tips to Motivate Your Sales Team

A motivated sales team is a successful and productive one, can only bring success to your company. As a sales manager or team leader, keeping your team motivated and firing on all cylinders is one of your main objectives. However, motivating your team is easier said than done. It’s about a lot more than giving pep talks.

Inspiring motivation is about finding the thing that makes your reps willing to go the extra mile. People who aren’t motivated won’t suddenly become top performers if you offer them $1,000 cash. Find the thing that makes your reps tick, and the ones who have the self-discipline and inner talent to work for a reward will shine, says Dan Tyre


1. Establish trust with your team

If your team doesn’t trust you, they won’t be motivated to put in the effort to meet sales targets.

2. Know what makes them tick

Every sales rep and the sales team are different. As a sales manager, you need to have an understanding of what makes them tick and what will motivate your team to perform at its peak.

3. Reward top performers

People want to be rewarded for their hard work. Even a small reward, like a “rep of the month” award or even a thank you email, will keep people motivated to perform at a high level.

4. Have a contest

Sometimes you need to break up the monotony of sales jobs. Run a contest to light a fire under your reps and keep things fresh.

5. Recognize and reward your top performers publicly

Sales reps want to be recognized for their work, so recognize the top daily/weekly/monthly performers in front of the team.

6. Training and team building

Training and team building will help bring your team closer together while giving them new skills to become better sales professionals.

7. Offer different sources of motivation

Some people are motivated by money, others are motivated by opportunity, promotions, and even new responsibilities. Offer your team multiple sources of motivation.

8. Flexibility and input

If the position permits, allow your sales team to try new things and offer input about the sales process.

9. Create a winning environment

Small daily or weekly goals and targets will give your team something to be motivated by. Make note of daily wins and communicate them with your team.

10. Have a positive approach

Having a positive attitude, no matter how the performance metrics look, will help keep your team focused and maintain their motived mindset.

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