Uplink: Open-source digital platform was announced at Dreamforce


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San Francisco,USA, 21 November 2019 -Jason Girzadas Deloitte's  US MP of Business announced the launch of UpLink. He mentioned Uplink is a new open-source digital platform. With a mission to foster mass participation from entrepreneurs, community groups and other interested parties or individuals to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Is important to realize that UpLink is the product of a one-year collaboration between the Forum and launch partners Deloitte, Microsoft and Salesforce.  It is being developed as a tool for crowd engagement, providing a means for entrepreneurs, experts and other citizens like Generation Z and Millennials.

As a result of the proposals put forward by the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation that was convened in 2018 by UN Secretary-General. UpLink’s open-source nature will publicly share publicly insights. Insights gatered from leaders of international organizations, governments, research institutions and other experts on the major challenges and roadblocks to implementing the SDGs.

In conclusion, if you are interested in finding more about Uplink, then you should watch the full video.


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